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What Our Clients Say about Us

Tina Kim
36y, Marketing Manager at APAC
If you have been searching where to go for a spa in Taipei - you should stop searching and come to Sparadise. I've been coming here for almost 4 years now and never been disappointed in any way. The place is very clean, the service level is greatly satisfying, and especially I love the essential oil selections. I travel to a lot of countries in Asia, but yet to find anywhere better than here!! I feel energized and refreshed after a good treatment. I ALWAYS recommend - or almost force my visiting friends and family to go to Sparadise. They all have been very happy too!!

Charles Mitchell
25y, SBL basketball player
I love sparidise. During my basketball season this year in the SBL league. Sparidise was the place for me to go and recover to get massages for body to recover. The customers service was great and easy to book. I think they have some of or if not the best masseuses in Taipei. I really enjoyed my experience there every time i had a appointment.


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